Hey. Good to see you. Hi. So, I understand that you teach English.  I certainly do. Among other things. And you also write textbooks.  I do do that, yes. And work on other projects.  That’s correct. Can I ask you some questions?  Shoot.

How is your approach different?  In terms of style or content?  Both. What’s the special sauce?  Me, I think.  In a good way?  I'd like to think so. Can’t say for sure.  Is what you do for everyone?  No.  How do you feel about [another person’s project]?  Chances are, I don’t think much of it. But live and let live. 

You haven’t been a lot of help, you know that?  Look, this may sound like a total cop-out, and it probably is, but the best way to answer all of your questions is, If you have to ask, you’ll never knowWhat do you mean?  Look at some of my books, including ebooks, and possibly other projects, see how my classes work—up close and otherwise—listen to a recording maybe, skim over my writings, check out my ongoing as well as upcoming projects

And then...  Then, if you still don’t know, then it’s most likely not for you.  Huh. You’re going to lose a lot of business that way.  I’d rather have less business than sell things to people who I know won’t enjoy them.  On a completely unrelated note, what makes you tick?  Oh man, where do I start.